- - Human rights activist Boris Perchatkin ill and in need of support



Human rights activist Boris Perchatkin ill and in need of support

It is became known, that the famous human rights activist and the author of bestseller Path of Fire Boris Perchatkin underwent a very difficult surgery to remove cancer. He has also to undergo the first session of chemotherapy in the nearest feature. It is unknown how long the process of healing would take, reports Russian West, www.russianw.com


Boris Perchatkin

Boris felt himself ill two years ago but visited doctor much later, when his health problems became very evident. After the medical examination it is became known that Boris is ill with a very aggressive form of cancer.

Boris said that because he didnt have any medical insurance doctors advised him to sign a promissory note. They also said he could undergo a free treatment in the hospital for homeless but warned that he would not receive any surgery, the treatment would be symbolic and there would be a very little chance to survive.

The surgery had to be undergone immediately. In order to save his life Boris had to sing a promissory note for sixty thousand dollars. He has already had one surgery but in order to continue the treatment he had to sign one more promissory note. As for today Boris Perchatkin doesnt have enough money to pay the bills for the operation. He also needs finances to continue his treatment as soon as possible. The years I spent in exile and jails for my Christian faith ruined my health, said Boris Perchatkin.

During my time in jails I was severely beaten and subjected to torture because I was very active in saving Christians from the Communist government and KGB workers. Despite of his immense work to protect the rights of Christians during the Soviet Union and the great role Boris played in opening the doors for immigration of Christians to the United States, Boris has almost a beggarly living in Washington State, USA.

You may personally help Boris by contacting him on this email: boris@perchatkin.org

or by sending him a check on this address: Boris Perchatkin 1225 Front St # 10 Lynden, WA 98264, USA

The account details if you would like to send money and you are out of the United States: Swift code: BOFAUS3N Routing Number: 125000024, account number: 23046709.

Boris Perchatkin, 1225 Front St #10, Lynden, WA 98264, USA

If you are in the United States, you can use any bank to transfer the money:

Code Bank of America. 026009593, Routing Number: 125000024, account number: 23046709

Boris Perchatkin, 1225 Front St #10, Lynden, WA 98264, USA

If you would like to contact Boris Perchatkin personally or if you live outside of the United States and would like to help, you can contact him by his email: boris@perchatkin.org

The activity of Boris Perchatkin

Boris Perchatkin was born in 1946 in Ukraine in the family with a long Evangelical Christian heritage. His grandfather was a Baptist preacher; in 1933 he was arrested for his Christian faith and shot down. The family was exiled to the town of Komsomolsk-on-Amur. His mother grew up in exile and was convicted three times later in life.

In 1962 Boris began to attend an underground Pentecostal church in the town of Nahodka on the Far East.

In 1975 Boris became a member of the dissident human rights movement in the USSR. He used to investigate cases of persecution for religious activity in the USSR and publish these facts on the West. In 1976 he became a member of the church council.

In 1977 Boris persuaded the KGB captain to take part in a secret cooperation to protect the believers. In 1980, while being a pastor, Boris was chosen as a secretary of the Council of Pentecostal Churches in the USSR.

Until 1980 he had been arrested by the KGB officers for more than ten times and was lead through more than twelve house-checks. He was arrested by a KGB penetration team and was tortured with chemical substances during the investigation.

In 1983 Boris spent four months in the condemned cell; he spent his second term in Kolimskyye camps and was freed in 1986.

In 1987 on the request of the US Congress Boris wrote an overview article about the state of religious freedom in the USSR. He was punished for that by the Soviet government and put under the house arrest and under custodial supervision. During the same year Boris met with the US Secretary of State George Schultz by his invitation in order to discuss the problems of the freedom of religion and immigration on religious grounds.

In 1988 Boris was invited as a representative of Soviet Protestant Christians to meet with the US President Ronald Reagan to discuss the problem of the religious freedom and emigration.

On Aug. 5, 1988, Boris Perchatkin addressed American Congress with a speech about the persecution of Christians in the Soviet Union and about the problem of immigration on religious grounds.

From 1988 till 1991 he paid for thousands of invitations and sent them to Soviet Christians in order to help them immigrate to the US on religious grounds. He also organized a Christian human rights organization that still functions today.

During this time for three times he was invited to the US Congress as the speaker about religious situation in the former USSR. He also represented the interests of many persecuted Christians in the US

Department of State and other agencies that could influence the state of religious freedom in the USSR for the better. During all this time he worked almost at his own expense and at cost of sales of his book Path of Fire about persecution of Christians by the KGB agencies.

The Congress of the United States appraised the activity of Boris Perchatkin: The biography of Boris Perchatkin played a crucial part in the process of turning attention of American people and the US Congress to the disastrous state of Protestant Christians in the USSR and in granting them the status of refugee.

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